Serina’s First Flight, A Tooth Fairy’s Tale

written & illustrated by Suanne Kelley Kopald

Synopsis of the story from the publisher:

Serina is the littlest fairy in fairydom, and although her intentions are always good, trouble follows her everywhere.  When she shows up for her trial flight as a tooth fairy with her hair full of leaves and her dress all muddy, her two older sisters are sure that she won’t pass the test.  And when she drops the five silver coins she is meant to exchange for baby teeth into a dark and creepy pond, it looks as if her sisters are right.

But Serina knows that five children out in the human world are counting on her, so she ventures into the watery lair of an evil sorceress to retrieve the lost coins.  The story of how this determined little fairy, with the help of a talking frog, an enchanted carp, and her best friend, the rambunctious elf Teague, outwits the sorceress and completes her flight will hold both the youngest listeners and their older brothers and sisters entranced.


I wrote and illustrated “Serina’s First Flight” in 1990 for now-defunct publisher Thomasson-Grant.  Although this and 3 other books to which I contributed text, illustrations and/or design are out-of-print and unavailable, I do have a limited quantity of  “Serinas” which I am pleased to offer.

Each book can be signed, inscribed and personalized on the first title page, as you wish.  A gold “autographed copy” sticker will be affixed to the front dust cover.

All but three of the original illustrations have been purchased by private collectors.  Although I still own the cover, the first image of Baldemar, and the illustration that I call “Fairy Scuba Gear” I do not intend to sell them.  I hope that you will enjoy these three and all the other Serina illustrations in the context of my book.

Following are excerpts from some reviews:

“… a true adventure in the Grimm tradition of scary adventures for all children old enough to listen and look.”

                    Peggy C. Davis
                    Roanoke Times & World News

“…Kopald’s writing is delightfully age-appropriate.  She has sensitivity for the viewpoints of children… This is a classical tale told in a classy manner.”

                    Digby Diehl
                    IBM/Sears Prodigy Computer Network

“… a delightful chronicle of the adventures of a coming-of-age tooth fairy during her first mission.  Suanne Kelley Kopald’s watercolors are the highlight of this work.”

                    Kathy Liu
                    Associated Press Special Features

“… a fast-paced adventure… Kopald’s fairy kingdom seems believable to even the most cynical reader.”

                    Jason Zappe
                    Copley News Service

And MY personal favorite…

“This was an excellent book.  When it comes in stores, I’m going to buy two copies of it.”

                    James Darragh
                    Waddell Elementary School

Serina’s First Flight, A Tooth Fairy’s Tale

Autographed and inscribed by the author/illustrator