There is a debate in the serious art world regarding the relationship of art to illustration.  Being an artist who loves to create illustrations, I have always found it somewhat ironic that the only place where illustration is consistently referred to as “art” is in crossword puzzles.  

My own love affair with illustration began as it does for most of us, in childhood.  My first favorite book was “The Lonely Doll” by Dare Wright.  Since I was a lonely, only child until I was nearly eleven years old, Dare Wright’s little Edith became my soul mate.  As I peruse my well-loved copy of “The Lonely Doll” today, I am struck by how unusual this book must have been in 1957.  The illustrations to my most-beloved story were black and white photographs of an old felt doll and her stuffed bear companions.  To consider photography a proper medium for children’s book illustration must have been somewhat revolutionary at the time, and nearly as controversial as is calling illustration, “Art”, today.

I draw distinctions between my own paintings in the following manner:  if a painting has been created to accompany or tell a story AND is part of a series intended for publication in book form, the painting is an illustration.  If the painting has been created to stand alone as a visual image, it is an original watercolor, aka “art”.  Often these watercolors have been inspired by personal experience; other times they are minute details or graphic elaborations drawn from my more ambitious book illustrations.

If you surmise that I consider my book illustration to be the most “serious” work I do, you would be correct. I hope that you will enjoy my most recent illustration projects on my “In Progress” page.

I was thirty-four before I began to make watercolors and illustrations in earnest.  After leaving college with a degree in Art History, I served an apprenticeship in hand engraving with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and although a portion of my work today still reflects that training in letterforms design, I am ultimately a self-taught painter. 

All of my works are originals executed in watercolor with a brush.